At Cumulus, we Listen and Plan with your organizational goals and requirements in mind. We Envision and Design tools that you will need to empower your business. We Drive and Engage to ensure long adoption of new technology. We Measure progress against objectives and Iterate with more solutions to transform technology into business value. The whole onboarding services will go through the following phases:

Planning Phase

  • Sponsor and Key Stakeholders Interviews
  • Change Management Rollout Plan
  • Project & Deployment planning (including end user device review and network review)
  • Management Briefing and Approval

Awareness Building Phase

  • Build Up Community of Early Adopters
  • Training for Early Adopters
  • Advanced Office 365 Admin Briefing x1 Session
    • Pilot Participant Program and Review
  • Email Campaign
  • Pilot Rollout
  • 1 sessions of Launch Day Event

Learning Phase

  • Roadshow
  • End User Training
  • Incentive Program to Encourage Early Adopter’s Contribution in Community
  • Incentive Program to Encourage End User Office 365 Adoption

Deployment Phase

  • Infrastructure and Office 365 setup
    • Account Creation / Migration
    • Directory Integration*
    • Office 365 Tenant setup and standard configuration
    • Pre-built SharePoint creation
    • Mail route configuration – Rollout and Switchover
  • Documentation
    • End User Setup Guide (Incl. Mobile Device)
    • Mail Migration Procedures
    • Office 365 Operation Guide
  • Nursery support

Adoption Phase

  • 1 session for Measure Usage and Adoption
  • 1 session for User Satisfaction Survey and Review
  • 1 session for Recommendation on Continuing Improvement