About Us

Cumulus Managed Services (CMS) is a Subsidiary and Spin-Off company of Microware Limited, Cumulus has been founded with the principal of helping our customer’s drive business value and productivity using cloud solutions.

Cumulus believes that the adoption of Cloud technologies leads to a transformation of traditional IT Operations Methodologies as well as the support model, additionally the traditional way of managing IT projects becomes obsolete in the Cloud world.

As Cloud Spending is generally op-ex spending, it is important to implement cloud projects as quickly as possible to ensure that the maximum business value can be captured; Especially in cases where Public Cloud pricing is in a reservation model rather than a consumption-based model, it is important to use the cloud environment as soon as possible, otherwise the subscription cost will be wasted.


Cumulus Cloud Onboarding projects seek to drive business value for our customers with the following important factors:

Quick Migration

Cumulus strives to help the customer migrate to the cloud as quickly as possible, up to 1000 user mailboxes per week as an example, so that the customer can unlock the value of their cloud investment quickly.

Transparency of Deployment

In Change Management projects where all users are affected, communication of deployment status and successes becomes increasingly important. Cumulus has invested in a number of tools and methodologies to drive the communication and transparency.

Adoption and End User Training

Any time a user’s environment is changed, there will be significant pushback from users, Cumulus’ adoption and end user training services will assist to address the pushback and provide a managed experience to end users during their change.