Pilot Office 365 Adoption Program

Office 365 Is more than an online email system; It is a full featured collaboration and productivity platform. Cumulus offers an enhanced Office 365 environment to better deliver Its value to our customers, enabling them to engage in interactive meetings via Lync, encourage buy-in from teammates using SharePoint collaborative tools, store and sync your documents from anywhere using OneDrive for Business, and more!

We are always at your side to assist and participate in organizational change management programs that are designed to drive Office 365 adoption.

Cumulus believes real usage and real life experience matters more. As such, we are offering a 30 day FREE trial of a full-featured Office 365 and Cumulus services. No financial commitment from you Is needed during this period.

Enjoy and Experience Office 365

  • 30-day Trial Use of Office 365 E3 Subscription Plan
  • Office 365 Tenant Setup
  • Pilot User Creation and Client Configuration including Office 2013 installation and Mobile Phone configuration (5 – 10 Users)
  • First Touch Event (Pilot User Training)
  • Pilot Office 365 Adoption Program Review
  • Three Interactive Office 365 Adoption Events
  • Online Training Materials
  • 30-day Pilot User Support (Email / Phone / Lync / Onsite)

Required Commitment

  • 5+ Senior Cross-Department Users participate to the First Touch Event
  • Recommended Participant
    • Project Sponsor / Financial Controller
    • IT Manager
    • HR Manager
    • Senior Management Team
    • End User Representatives